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The definition of a great image is one that stays with you, one that you can’t forget.

- Steve McCurry

Let’s collaborate - if you can imagine it, I can create it.

Have you ever experienced a photoshoot that was awkward, stuffy and didn’t have the lasting impact you desired?

I have been there, and I hate to say, I might have created a few of those in my time.

After more than a decade in the photography industry, I now know exactly what I want to produce - a photography experience that not only encourages and empowers women, but one that leaves them with tangible evidence of their beauty and inspires them to live confidently.

Whether you need a brand shoot, senior session or want to collaborate on a re-creation of an outside-the-box image that speaks to you, if you can imagine it, I can help you create it.

Be bold. Be dramatic. Be creative. Be beautiful. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Introducing Heidi Mixon

Education & Accolades

2020 Top Ten Photographer of the Year - AZPPA
2nd place Open Portrait Division - AZPPA
PPA Annual Competition coming October 2

2019 Team USA - World Cup of Photography
PPA Gold Medalist
Re-certified Photographer through Professional Photographers of America
2nd place Open Portrait Division - AZPPA

2018 PPA Gold Medalist
Top Ten Photographer of the Year - AZPPA

2017 1st place Open Portrait Division from AZPPA
Top Ten Photographer of the Year - AZPPA

2016 Bachelors of Arts in Digital Photography
Certified Photographer through PPA
Frank Rigo Award - AZPPA
Finalist for Photography Photo Forum
Top Ten Photographer of the Year - AZPPA

2015 Finalist for Photography Photo Forum


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Philanthropic Organizations We Partner With:

“There are no rules for good photography - only good photographs” - Ansel Adams 

Session Options & Pricing 

Creative Collaborations

traditional photography

Have you ever seen an image that had such an impact, you just couldn’t forget it? Wishing you had dynamic portraits your friends will drool over? Creative Collaborations are for those looking for a YOU-nique photo experience. You share a vision and I’ll bring it to life with unforgettable images. Every session includes professional hair and makeup to enhance your inner self — strong, sexy, powerful, charming — The possibilities are endless!

Deluxe Creative Collaboration Package $2600
• Consultation to discuss the vision for your session (60 min)
• Unlimited planning communication via text prior to session
• Location scouting
• 4 hour shoot includes professional hair and makeup (60min)
• Unique 18” circular acrylic wall art piece (price will vary with larger sizes)
• Sharable digitals of your favorite 15 images*

Premium Creative Collaboration Package $5600
• Consultation to discuss the vision for your session (60 min)
• Unlimited planning communication via text prior to session
• Location scouting
• 8 hour shoot includes professional hair and makeup
• Multiple locations or extended travel to a specific location
• One meal, snacks and water
• Choice of three unique circular acrylic wall art pieces (12”, 18”, 12”) or one larger 24” piece (price will vary with larger sizes)
• Sharable digitals of your favorite 35 images

Optional Add-ons
• Heirloom album 10x10 includes 12 spreads $1500
• Circular acrylic wall art of various sizes ranging from 12” to 36”
• Additional sharable digital images (10) $400
• Travel fee for those looking to go beyond the greater Phoenix area (vary by location)

*Sharable digital files are perfect for social media and printable up to 8x10.

Personal Branding

personal branding photography

Are you an up-and-coming entrepreneur, a chef, an artist, a CEO, or anything in between? Is it time to show the world who you are? Professional imagery will make you stand out and clearly tell the world who you are in your field of expertise.

Novice Branding Package $1200
• 1 hour session (on location)
• 10 branding images*

Advanced Branding Package $1800
• 2 hour session (on location)
• 25 branding images*

Optional Add-ons
• Big print file $200
• Additional single image $75
• Additional hour of coverage $300
• Travel fee for those looking to go beyond the greater Phoenix area

*Branding images are 3000px on the long edge and 300ppi, they are the ideal size to create marketing material like flyers, mailers, and brochures. Branding images can be printed in any quantity up to 8x10 for marketing purposes only. Anything larger will require the purchase of a big print file.


traditional photography

Have enough people told you that ‘you have an eye for photography?’ Are you interested in raising the bar as a hobbyist or even becoming a professional photographer? Do you want to start a photography business but are unsure what it entails? Do you need a better understanding of lighting, posing, and editing?

Being a professional photographer actually encompasses much more than having a good eye and clicking a button. Mentoring sessions provide a judgement free zone for all questions, advice, and general education with a certified professional photographer.

Novice Photographer Coaching Session $200
A 2 hour session to learn about either basic camera function, lighting, posing or post-production editing using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Advanced Hobbyist Mentoring Package $1500
• Three months of unlimited text and email questions
• 4 hour session on lighting
• 2 hour session on posing
• 2 hour session on editing
• Hands on learning with options to train virtually

Professional Photography Mastermind
The Professional Photographer Mastermind is for photographers who are ready to take their photography skills and business to the next level. Improve your photography skills while diving deep into lighting, posing, editing, business operations, client interactions, marketing, sales, and IPS.

Membership into the Mastermind is via application and interview only.

What To Expect

Start with the End in Mind

At Heidi Mixon Imagery, your entire experience is built around your end goal. Are looking for You-nique portraits to display on the walls of your home, hand-crafted heirloom albums to tell your story, or digitals for business and marketing? Whatever your end goal, Heidi will help guide you through the entire process.

What to Expect Before your Session

After you have booked your session, Heidi will have a sit down with you and collaborate on all aspects of your photoshoot in detail. Location(s), time of day, clothing, your inspiration, her creative take and who can come join you for your shoot. Bring all your questions to this conversation, if we talk about it now, no one will have unmet expectations. To reserve your date, the full fee is required.

What to Expect During your Session

Fun and laughter! Heidi will have you laughing alongside her before your session is complete. Her attention to detail and problem-solving skills make every session comfortable and enjoyable.

What to Expect After your Session

It takes 2 weeks for Heidi to cull and edit your session. A date will be scheduled for your reveal. Together you look at and select the images for your final product order. After the reveal, all products are delivered within 6 weeks.


Why are these sessions so expensive? Your investment is not just a one-time fee, it is an investment in images you’ll have for the rest of your life and the talent and skill that was acquired over many years to be able to produce them.

As a professional certified and international award winning photographer, Heidi is highly skilled in all aspects of photography having been in the industry for well over a decade. As a professional, she continuously improves her craft and remains up to date on photography and digital education and brings those talents to her clients and the end products she produces.

Cell phones

You are permitted to use cell phones to take behind the scene footage of your session. However, cell phones are not permitted to take the same picture that you are paying Heidi to take.

Why are printed products so important?

Seeing and holding prints in your hands is a timeless tradition that Heidi Mixon Imagery believes should be preserved. We believe in the power of the print and we want you to share in that joy.

Digital files

Everyone is excited to share their images. Each session includes a select number of digital files specifically designed to share on social media.


You helped embolden me to just be myself. To not hide who I am.

- LGBTQ+ Advocate

The whole experience, from Heidi’s professionalism to her charismatic genuine personality, helped me grow more than I thought possible. Seeing the stunning images she captured boosted my self esteem and made my heart dance.

- Videographer and Film Editor

Preparing for my session, Heidi guided me in gathering all the props that would make my session more personal. I was left speechless because Heidi was able to capture the emotion I was feeling and I will forever be able to cherish that.

- Photography Technician

It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve worked with dozens of photographers the past several years. Heidi is the dark horse I will always prefer to shoot with in Arizona. The images always come out startlingly beautiful, with every detail pristinely lit and every element composed perfectly. She works efficiently and is extremely friendly and fun.

- Lead Singer of Catalyst Crime

An exceptional image should capture the beauty, strength, uniqueness and untold story of its subject(s), and that's exactly where Heidi Mixon Imagery excels. Not only is her photography bold, dynamic and creative, but it tells a powerful story with each frame she captures. In a society that wants you to believe that you are not as beautiful as magazine cover models unless you look like someone other than yourself, Heidi transcends that with her lens and captures the beauty that is truly YOU.

- Founder & CEO, LaPorte & Company

Heidi is not just an exceptional photographer she is an exceptional person.  She is fun to work with and makes sure every detail has been thought through and prepared for. She has taken professional portraits for me at my downtown office, the photos are stunning.  You will never be sorry for choosing Heidi. She is my lifetime photographer. They just don't get any better!

- Director of Faith and Community Initiatives for state government

Heidi did a great job of being my photography mentor over the past year. She has such a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and positive energy; I learned very quickly! I gained a new understanding and experience with using lighting to create beautiful, flattering photos of people. I learned a number of creative tricks that help me take my work to an above average level. She is fantastic to work with, being very understanding of where I am in my learning process and what I need most. I would definitely recommend her for anyone needing a top-notch photography mentor.

- Novice Photography Business Owner

I met Heidi through the Arizona Professional Photographers Association last year, and we instantly hit it off. I knew she would be a great mentor for me. She has a great passion for photography, teaching and mentoring, along with supporting and helping others further develop themselves and their business. Photography and the business of photography can be very challenging. I have found those challenges to be difficult at times and Heidi has been very supportive, and she continually builds me up and motivates me to keep going. Her guidance has been very beneficial to my professional development. Heidi has many awesome attributes, but one that stood out from the start for me is that she can take the technical aspects of photography and explain it in a language that I could understand. This was extremely helpful when it came time to explain off-camera flash and lighting ratios. It all came together after attending two practical mentoring sessions with Heidi, where I was able to work on the posing and lighting scenarios, she taught me. I am very fortunate to have Heidi as my mentor and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a qualified mentor. Her caring and supportive approach will inspire you to become a better photographer and person.

- Photography Business Owner

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